The Mother of God
is bring to the World

• Introducing • The 5th Rosary!

My name is Gene Clark and in 2003, I was first touched by the Blessed Mother and was instructed to Tell the World!
Then, as my family and I continued our journey of Faith, in 2005 Our Lady presented to me The Redemptive Mysteries.
In December of 2008, The Redemptive Mysteries were granted an Imprimatur from the Archbishop of Boston, Cardinal Sean O'Malley.

Use the links below to view the YouTube video of my testimony at the Fatima Shrine in Holliston, MA.
With the other links you can read more information about the Redemptive Mysteries and download a PDF of the prayer pamphlet.

• • News Headlines: - - December 21, 2021 - - Available Now - The Blessed Mother's 5th Rosaries (Click here for more information on how to order your Redemptive Mysteries Rosary beads). • • News Headlines: - - May 16, 2021 - - I finished making The Blessed Mother's 5th Rosary Sword (Click here to see a picture of the four foot long Sword). • • News Headlines: The Redemptive Mysteries have been officially sent to the Vatican •• News Headlines: - - In 2019 - - The 5th Rosary, The Redemptive Mysteries were sent directly to Pope Francis • • News Update: - - December 2019 - - Received a letter from Msgr. L. Roberto Cona, Secretariat of State for the Vatican, stating that Pope Francis received The Redemptive Mysteries and the custom handmade Rosaries package. And, that His Holiness is praying for God's Blessings for our ministry. • •

This is a graphic using The Blessed Mother's Rosary Sword I created.

Rosary Sword

Video Links

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An Amazing Gift

Tell the World about an Amazing Gift!!

Click here to watch a four minute Youtube video that explains the new Rosary. By watching this video I will share with you the gift The Blessed Mother wants you to have – The Redemptive Mysteries.


Watch the YouTube Video

Click here and Gene will share his amazing testimony.

Pray the Rosary

Praying the Redemptive Mysteries

Click on this link to follow along as we pray The 5th Rosary. You will enjoy this 20 minute video as we pray The Redemptive Mysteries together.

The Redemptive Mysteries

Originally written in 2005, after many hours before the Blessed Sacrament and prayerful meditation, I am proposing the Fifth Rosary (as given to me By The Blessed Mother) is the final rosary and is to Tell the World of God's Great Mercy for the Salvation of Mankind.

The Fifth Rosary completes the Rosary circle with five mysteries and includes Us in God's great plan for our Salvation. From the beginning and throughout its pages, the BIBLE proclaims the message - that as a sign of God's Love for us and our Love for Him, He will take us from this Life to be one with Him for all ETERNITY. This is the Greatest Mystery of all – SALVATION.

Presented as a prayer booklet, this prayer was granted an Imprimatur by the Archbishop of Boston, Cardinal Sean O'Malley on December 9, 2008.

My Prayer

  • I give this day to you, Lord Jesus
    And I pray that through Your Love and Mercy I may be worthy for You To give this day - to me.

    I pray that my actions, thoughts, words and deeds bring You All Honor and Glory.

    I pray that through the Intersession of Our Lady - That my family and my friends Will grow in faith, filled with The Holy Spirit.

    I pray that, through Your Most Sacred Heart, we may all come To know Your Love and Compassion and that you will Spread Your Mercy on us all – for the Salvation of Mankind.
    — Amen

The 5th Rosary

1st Mystery – Faith

This First Mystery professes our belief in the One true God. We are baptized in the name of the Holy Trinity and proclaim our trust in Jesus Christ and acknowledge Him as Lord and Savior.

2nd Mystery – Reconciliation

This Mystery recognizes our sinfulness and that it is only through the Mystery of God's Forgiveness can we be cleansed. Once we acknowledge our weakness and confess them before God we can be open to receive the Blessings of God's Grace.

3rd Mystery – Death

The Third Mystery shows that, although we must die to this world, we will be granted Eternal Life through Jesus Christ. Death is a mystery. But, if we believe in the Truth – the Truth will set us Free.

4th Mystery – Judgement

The Forgiving Grace of God's Love is a Mystery. When we leave this world we will stand before God to receive His Judgment. We will face our past faults and sins and be judged justly and we must atone for all we have done – both good and bad. We leave our humanity behind and look upon the face of God; and before all the Heavens receive our Judgment.

5th Mystery – Salvation

Salvation is the Greatest Mystery of all. It is the great conclusion proclaimed in the BIBLE. The last proclamation of the Nicene Creed states - We look for the resurrection of the dead, and the life of the world to come. Amen. It is why God gave us His Son and left us the Holy Spirit. It will be here – The New Jerusalem – that we will spend all Eternity with our God.